18G Brad Nailer “Surpasses [tool-rank.com’s] expectations”

Thanks to Gary Rodenius for reviewing our new 18G brad nailer the TH-T-1825XP.


“Another thing very obvious about Uffy’s 18 gauge gun is the not so obvious nail hole. With other brands, the hole may be twice the diameter of the nail head, and some leave a slot or large oval; but Uffy’s nail hole is small, and the nail head sunk nicely below the surface of the material.”

Decorative Upholstery Tacks Made Easy

Decorative upholstery tacks/nails make furniture look great but are a pain to work with.  Most upholsterers rely on hand tools like hammers.  The job has always been slow….until now.

Place up to 100 loose decorative upholstery tacks/nails in to the TH-T-DECO1 decorative nail gun, turn on your compressor, and watch as the nails automatically fed in to the firing chamber of the tool.  Save time and money.

Review Our Tools

If you run a tool review, woodworking, or construction website, blog, or magazine, please contact us.  We are looking to have our 18G Brad Nailer, 23G Pin Nailer, and Decorative Nailer reviewed.

We also want to have our air fittings and screw driving bits reviewed.  We hope you will find our products’ quality exceeds expectations.